Lost Report found!

Thanks to one of our new members, we now have found a lost Report!

The Report is "Improved Stimulation of Horizontal Wells in Chalk Formation" by E. Allen

Seven Reports are still missing. You can look below and se wich reports we would like to find:

Phase 1
Report: "Spontaneous Imbibition in Reservoir Condition" by B. Bourbiaux
Report: "Selection of Outcrop Chalks as Model Rocks for Laboratory Studies" by C. Jacquin
Phase 3
Report: " Gas/Oil Displacement in Fractured Reservoirs - High-Pressure Capillary Pressure Experiment" K. Christoffersen
Report: "Gas/Oil Displacement in Fractured Reservoirs - Constant Volume Diffusion Experiment" by K. Christoffersen
Report: "Long core gas/oil displacement with in-situsaturations" by A. Skauge
Report: "Geological Description of Samples Used in Chalk Research Project III: Scanning Electron Microscope Characterization of Chalk Samples from Eldfisk 2/7B3b, Ekofisk 2/4K4, Valhall 2/8A24, Gorm N22X, and Albuskjell 1/6A7." by H. E. Farell, C. R. Young, B. N. Powell
Phase 4
Report: "Optimzing the Productivity of Acid-Fracture Treatments in Horizontal Well" by E. Allen


Kind Regards 

Helle Lindboe Löwén