Missing reports

Hope some of you can help me find the last missing reports?
I made this list:
Phase 1
Report: "Spontaneous Imbibition in Reservoir Condition" by B. Bourbiaux
Report: "Selection of Outcrop Chalks as Model Rocks for Laboratory Studies" by C. Jacquin
Phase 3
Report: " Gas/Oil Displacement in Fractured Reservoirs - High-Pressure Capillary Pressure Experiment" K. Christoffersen
Report: "Gas/Oil Displacement in Fractured Reservoirs - Constant Volume Diffusion Experiment" by K. Christoffersen
Report: "Long core gas/oil displacement with in-situsaturations" by A. Skauge
Report: "Geological Description of Samples Used in Chalk Research Project III: Scanning Electron Microscope Characterization of Chalk Samples from Eldfisk 2/7B3b, Ekofisk 2/4K4, Valhall 2/8A24, Gorm N22X, and Albuskjell 1/6A7." by H. E. Farell, C. R. Young, B. N. Powell
Phase 4
Report: "Optimzing the Productivity of Acid-Fracture Treatments in Horizontal Well" by E. Allen
Report: "Improved Stimulation of Horizontal Wells in Chalk Formation" by E. Allen

Perhaps some of you have a copy in your own library?

Kind regards
Helle Löwén